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Most business owners are tired of hearing, 
"You need SEO."
"Do more social media."
"You should be doing FB advertising!

With all the available options nowadays, they really don’t know what to do! They feel confused and screwed. 

Can you relate?

We'll help you to create a complete marketing framework for taking your business online and generating leads that convert into paying customers.

Basically, we'll get you un-screwed.

Spend the Day with us and you'll leave with:
  •  Complete clarity about how this whole Online Marketing thing works
  •  A Customized Framework to start collecting Targeted Leads Online
  •  A Brand New Professional Video for your Website
People have a tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be. 

We make the complex simple so that you get RESULTS. 
During the Marketing Boot Camp you will...
Plan out an Offer that will Distinguish you from your competition & Attract your Ideal Clients like a Powerful Magnet
Use our 33-page Marketing Framework workbook to Figure out your new Lead and Sales Generating Framework 
Write a High Converting Video script for your Website which will be Filmed & Edited by a Professional Video Producer
Some questions other attendees have asked:
Is this for all businesses, even brick and mortars?
Yes! This workshop is perfect for business owners who rely on foot traffic. We'll help you get them on the phone or through the door.
What if I'm completely starting out?
If your business is new, now is the perfect time to make sure your marketing is set up correctly so you can hit the ground running(without wasting time and money running in circles).
I'm very uncomfortable on camera, do I have to be on video?
If you are the person your client is paying to work with, we recommend showing up on video. Don't worry! After working with our professional video coach, Tom Hanks will have nothing on you.
All this marketing stuff overwhelms me and stresses me out, what do I do?
Attend the bootcamp! We know how easy it is to shut down completely & ignore your marketing when there's SO MUCH TO DO. This is a Stress-Free Marketing system that will give you complete clarity & perspective.
Because we want to deliver a custom experience for each attendee, we are limiting seating to only 12 business owners. 

To grab one of those seats, apply now...
Your Bootcamp Instructors:

Brian Williams

Brian Williams is the President of Five Star Economy, which builds, protects and advertises 5-Star reputations, produces professional videos and develops online marketing campaigns for businesses.
As an Internet marketing pioneer, Brian has more than two decades of experience building brands and inventing business growth technologies, while specializing in digital marketing. He has been responsible for spearheading online sales of more than $1 Billion of products of services.
Brian has held corporate leadership positions at Toyota Motor Sales, USA and lead the launch of Toyota's initial award winning website and digital marketing campaigns. As a founding employee and the CMO at, Brian invented digital advertising tracking and new customer acquisition systems that have become standard operating systems in business today.

Danielle Ford

Danielle Ford is a visibility & marketing strategist who writes her own rules, and gives both permission and a platform to stop playing small... and start making a difference in the world.    

Divorced with 2 kids by the age of 21, Danielle designed her own life after closing down a brick and mortar skincare studio to work from home. She worked as a spokesmodel and had a greater interest in what went on behind the camera than in front. Danielle combined that video expertise with her belief in the earth-moving power of marketing. 

Founder of Young Mom’s Club, TedX speaker, host of “Leading Las Las Vegas” and a Vegas Inc. “Woman to Watch”, Danielle and her team give her clients efficient systems that automate the sales process, sell out programs and events, and add unexpected revenue streams. She gives entrepreneurs more hours in the day to stay in their zone of genius and do their part to change the world. 

James Taylor

From producing and directing for some of the largest television networks to the concept design and development for the advertising campaigns of a hand full of iconic national brands, JT has brought his relaxed creative style to countless successes in the commercial media industry for 25 years. JT helps business owners and professionals in the talent industry to build their brands by utilizing video & photography, animation & graphics, voiceover & music. 

From concept development & storyboard creation to scripting, shooting, editing, and media planning, James and his team do it all! They create it all... from innovative product platforms to actual production of shows, segments or commercials for distribution and advertising on television, web, movie theaters & print media. 

JT's core business value is Collaboration which is key to ensure that the programs and media he develops for his clients are in line with their big vision and expectations. 
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